About Us

At Soapweed Senior Transitions, we put YOU in charge! We offer a FREE 1 hour, no obligation consultation to customize a plan to fit your lfe. Whether you are ready to have an age-in-place plan, move to the next phase in life or are in probate, we will have the plan for you.


About Kelly Barnhart

Kelly is the Owner of Soapweed Senior Transitions. With over a decade of working with seniors as a Registered Nurse, Kelly has a unique insight towards floor plans that include safety and reducing fall risks for seniors.  Kelly is passionate about senior care and understands the emotion that comes with making transitions, rightsizing belongings and the stress of moving.  Kelly moved to central Florida in 2018 with her 14 year old son and her rescue dogs.  When Kelly has free time, you can catch her at the beach, at Disney, snorkeling or enjoying the beautiful sunsets!

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